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Learn Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai.
It is FUNctional, Dynamic and Modern.
You will LOVE our training philosophy of personal challenge, play and fun!!
We forego hyper-competitiveness and the meathead mentality to rather focus on how to become a Black Belt In Life, where it matters the most
This is NO ORDINARY Kickboxing Workout!
Designed from the ground up to focus on both Personal Fitness and Self-Defense.

In fact, Crazy Monkey Kickboxing has been successfully used by
Special Forces and Police Officers, right down to the Everyday Guy And Woman.
Our Proven system makes you strong and fit within 90 days - Working at your own "best" pace.
We give you the tools to use the lessons on the mat and apply it in your everyday life, building confidence is but one example.
Great and fun way to relieve stress and stay mentally sound.
Self-Defense Techniques that work. We start from scratch and build your skill up progressively.
You need not have any previous experience to start or be in great shape.
Our clients report feeling more confident and having reduced their stress levels significantly in a 90 day period.
Proof that out system works from the inside out.
We understand that life is busy and everything is a rush, all we need is two 45 minute session a week to get you into tip top mental and physical health.
Come try out a lesson for yourself.
FUNctional Skills
Confident and Stress Free
A Great Way To Get Fit,
Mentally And Physically
90 Days, Twice a week, 45 min per class
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We are so convinced you will LOVE training with us, that we are giving away 1 WEEK of FREE training. Just come in and try it out.
We know you will ENJOY it. No Obligation to sign up.
Learn one of the most effective Modern Martial Arts in the world. Learn how to control your body and mind, get in shape and do something to get control of your life and stress. Become a Black Belt in Life, where it matters the most.
The Crazy Monkey Method -
More Than Just Fighting
Our Crazy Monkey Mission
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